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We love how a live music atmosphere brings people together. Having been a fan of country music for a long time (and music in general), it’s so interesting to hear the stories and what inspired the songs to be written. Nobody shares the stories better than songwriters from Nashville. We thought our community might be interested in having a “Nashville” experience and so Nashville Night In Orlando was born.

Nashville Night In Orlando was built to bring some of Nashville’s best songwriters to Orlando. At one of these shows, you will hear the stories behind some of country music’s biggest hits from yesterday, today and songs that you might soon hear on the radio. Our goal is to host a show every 6-8 weeks.

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What makes Nashville Night In Orlando so special is the intimate setting of the show. The audience is asked to use their best “movie theatre” etiquette so all of us can hear the details of what created these awesome songs. During these shows, you could hear what inspired the write and how a big time artist get their hands on it to record it for radio.

Since we started Nashville Night In Orlando in May 2018 (taking most of 2020 off), we have held shows that has featured over 50 #1 hits along with numerous hits that have made the charts.

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